A (R)evolutionIn The Making

Students today are more comfortable with smartphones and tablets than textbooks.

So given increasing digitization, and the rapid pace at which technology is evolving, it is no wonder that the education sector is undergoing a dramatic transformation – with tablets, virtual classrooms and online courses becoming the norm rather than the exception. 

In India, though, whilst institutions are slowly introducing digital mediums as part of their efforts to simplify education, textbooks still remain at the center of classroom instruction.

That said, given the initiatives and the growing acceptance of technology by educators and students alike, it can be rightly inferred that we are at the cusp of a transformation.

This can be seen from the rapid adoption of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Here, India is only second to the US in terms of growth in enrolments. Also, higher education institutes can be seen automating all core business processes by using ERP.

For example, key processes including admissions, fee payments, course planning and scheduling, faculty and other teaching resource management, learning material distribution and student information tracking are being automated.

Also, according to a report '40 Million by 2020: Preparing for a New paradigm in Indian Higher Education' released by Ernst & Young, the higher education sector in India is expected to witness a growth of 18.0 per cent CAGR till 2020.

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